Demonstrations, following the death of Floyd, fester situation in US, curfew along with national guards deployed in 24 states, including capital Washington  

Washington: – Killing of a black citizen in police action, in the city of Minneapolis in the United States, has led to flaring up of nationwide protests. Curfew has been clamped in 24 states, including capital Washington, and the national guards have been deployed too. President Trump has warned that if the situation does not come under control, the military will have to be deployed. Repercussions of these developments in the United States are being felt on the international level and China, Russia and Iran have fired salvos of criticism on the United States.   

In the last week, on the 25th of May, the police tried to arrest a 46-year-old person, George Floyd, in the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota state based on a complaint. During the action, a white officer, Derek Chauvin, pushed Floyd on to the floor. Videos have been circulated of Chauvin pressing Floyd’s neck with his knee. It is believed the Floyd died during this action.  

Killing of a black man during police action is one of the most sensitive issues in the United States. The displeasure and discontent in the black community erupt with such incidents. The demonstrations which started in Minneapolis and Minnesota are considered to be an outburst of the brewing discontent in the black community. Initially limited only to the Minnesota state, the demonstrations spread extensively in a few days. More than 30 cities in 24 US states are witnessing extreme violence over the death of Floyd.   

An incident of the local protestors torching a police station also has been reported from Minneapolis. Incidents of looting and arson by violent mobs are being reported from many US cities. Even in Washington, angry protestors threw stones along with burning bottles in the White House campus. Security agencies informed that the demonstrators even vandalised an old place of worship near the Presidential residence. It is also reported that President Trump had to be moved to the bunker, leaving a press conference midway, given the intensity of the violence.    

The US President spoke to the relatives of George Floyd following the news of his death. Saying that the death of Floyd was a grave tragedy and assured the family of complete justice, he offered his condolences. President Trump, in his statement after the death of Floyd, accepted that this was a grave matter. But President Trump also said that the people perpetrating violence are insulting the departed soul, and violence of any sort will not be tolerated.  

The issue of Floyd’s death has been taken up by the international group ‘Black Lives Matter’, known as the agitation of the black people. ‘Black Lives Matter’ was formed after Travon Martin, a 17-year-old black youth was killed in police action in 2013. This group is also active in Canada, Australia and some European countries other than the United States. This group has been controversial due to the policies of this group which supports the Democratic party, the international funding received by the group and consistent involvement in violence.    

Meanwhile, there have been international repercussions of the violence following the Floyd killing. Russia and China highlighted this point in the UN Security Council meeting. Russia and China retorted that the United States, targeting China over the action taken against the protestors in Hong Kong, is avoiding the questions raised on the violence in Minneapolis and other areas in the United States.  

Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign ministry, has mentioned the last words of Floyd which were ‘I cannot breathe’ on the social media. While saying this, Chunying referred to the statement issued by the US spokesman regarding the Hong Kong agitation. Iran also criticised the United States over the death of Floyd and the violence thereafter. Protests have started in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany in support of the agitation in the United States.  

Meanwhile, curfew has been imposed till Monday in many cities in the United States to contain the violence erupted following the death of Floyd. President Trump has indicated that if necessary, the military could be deployed to controls the violent mobs. 

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