Christians face most atrocities around the world, state PEW Research Center reports

Washington: The recent report published by PEW Research Center states that Christians are the most persecuted clan all around the world. Christians from about 144 countries are being harassed due to the tough and atrocious rules laid down, with regards to religion. At the same time, the PEW Center report also states that the citizens in China, which is the populous country in the world, are said to have been refrained from using their religious freedom.

The PEW Research Center has published its survey report after reviewing religious freedom of about 118 countries. There is an alarming increase in the atrocities faced by the Christians, who are majority of the population around the world, states the report. Followed by the Christians, Islamic population from 142 countries is facing such atrocities due to the rules laid down too, as per the reports.

christians, atrocities, PEW reserch centerThe graph of the restrictions imposed on religious practices by the governments around the globe, also shows an alarming increase, state the reports. Countries like Egypt, Indonesia and Turkey too are no exception to this rule and it has also been imposed on India, states the report. These rules are imposed the most by the government of Middle Eastern and North African countries. However, the report states that the religious intolerance is at a moderate level in the US and UK.

The reports of imputed the regime of Chinese atheistic Communist party for imposing harsh rules on the religious freedom of their citizens. The fact that China had banned the Holy Bible just a few days before the Christian festival of Easter, has been brought forth by the help of this report. Moreover, the report also claimed that the Chinese regime had laid a ban on possession of any emblem belonging to the Christian religion in the households.

The report also further criticises China, the most populated country for imposing the most outrageous rules ever.

The reports have been concluded stating the alarming and worrisome increase in the rate of religious sanctions imposed by the governments around the globe in the survey of 2016, in comparison to the survey conducted in 2007.

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