Chinese soldiers should not be scared of death, message from President Xi Jinping  

Chinese soldiersBeijing: – Chinese President Xi Jinping has given a message to the military, ‘Be prepared to win a war, without fearing for your own lives.’ The United States has supplied a large number of arms and ammunitions to Taiwan, claimed by China as its own territory. At the same time, a strong military challenge has been created for China due to QUAD cooperation between India, the United States, Japan and Australia. Whereas, reports are being received that the Chinese soldiers, trying to challenge India on the LAC in Ladakh, are freezing in the cold weather in the region. In this scenario, President Xi Jinping is forced to deliver a message to its military to be prepared to face death and adverse conditions.   

President Xi Jinping addressed the meeting of the commanders of the People’s Liberation Army on 25th November. During this meeting, the Chinese President delivered the message to the soldiers to go all out for a win without fearing for their lives. Even in the last month, President Jinping had instructed the military to focus on war preparedness. The instructions being issued consistently by the Chinese President have become a topic of discussion in the international media. In recent times, the United States has increased military cooperation with Taiwan and has supplied weapons and defence equipment worth nearly USD 4.2 billion. The media is predicting that this could be the reason for the Chinese President to issue war threats.   

Chinese soldiers

China is consistently warning that Taiwan is a sovereign Chinese territory, and the United States should not challenge the sovereignty of China by establishing military cooperation with Taiwan. But the United States has chosen to ignore the Chinese warnings. At the same time, smaller countries like Vietnam and the Philippines are facing the Chinese challenge by developing military ties with the United States and India. Whereas, the strong army QUAD association developing between India, the United States, Japan, and Australia are posing a fresh challenge in front of China. France, Germany and the United Kingdom also have indicated to cooperate with QUAD. As per China, this association is formed with an anti-China objective.   

Against this background, the Chinese President has started speaking the language of war preparedness. In the meantime, reports of the perilous state of the Chinese soldiers on the LAC in Ladakh are being received. These soldiers, not used to the freezing conditions, are reporting sick. China is running about to create recreation centres and other facilities for them. But reports of the moral of these soldiers being very low are being received, and this is a matter of embarrassment for China, boasting of having a mighty and powerful army. Therefore, the military analysts have started saying that the Chinese military lacks professionalism; the military also lacks war experience and don’t have the resolve to fight a war wholeheartedly.  

The systems in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are different from other countries. The Chinese soldiers are not loyal to China, as a country, but are devoted to the communist party of China, ruling the country. Therefore, the resolve to fight to the death for the motherland is lacking in the Chinese soldiers. It is also claimed that with the policy of one child per family, the soldiers, being a single child, are worried about the future of their parents, after them. Therefore, the Chinese President is forced to deliver the message ‘Don’t fear for your lives’ to these soldiers. 

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