US Congressman Nunes blames Biden’s weak policies for Chinese President’s Tibet visit & threat to India

Beijing/Washington – US Congressman Devin Nunes made vitriolic criticism ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Tibet, last week, was only to intimidate India. China is preparing to cut off the water flowing into India and Bangladesh by constructing a dam on the Brahmaputra River. The Chinese President also wanted to convey this warning through his visit to Tibet. China is forging ahead in this way, and President Biden’s administration is taking it all in its stride. The mere façade of anti-China actions will not change the situation.’ While US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on a visit to India, members of the US Congress appear to have put pressure on the Biden administration with these scathing remarks.


Xi Jinping, China, Tibet, India, Biden administration, US Congress,Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tibet last week. His visit was to warn India and India has taken cognisance of this. During his visit, President Jinping reportedly inspected the dam’s construction is built on the Brahmaputra River. President Jinping tried to issue a warning that they can break the waters of India and Bangladesh with this. But on the official level, China is saying that its construction will not affect the Brahmaputra water flowing into India and Bangladesh.

US Congressman Devin Nunes took severe cognisance of President Jinping’s visit to Tibet. The Chinese President’s visit was organised to threaten a nuclear-armed country like India. Despite this, the Biden administration has allowed China to do what it wants by taking a botched stance in this regard, blamed David Nunes. The whole stress of President Biden’s administration is to advertise that anti-China activities are being carried out. This does not change the situation. Nunes retorted, ‘China has continued to forge ahead.

The Biden administration had to take some actions against China following President Biden’s criticism that China was ignoring the challenge posed by the United States and its allies. Other Republican leaders opposed to the United States also have warned, time and again, of an increase in Chinese hegemony since Biden came to power. It is alleged that the actions are for publicity and the Biden administration has no interest in stopping China. Congressman Devin Nunes has also blamed Biden’s administration for the same thing.

Xi Jinping, China, Tibet, India, Biden administration, US Congress,After Biden took over as the President of the United States, China staged a military coup in Myanmar and overthrew the country’s elected government. China later cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Not only that, but the infiltration of Chinese fighter jets into Taiwan’s borders has increased, and China is threatening war with even the closest US ally like Japan. China has launched a trade war against Australia, and China has started a spate of cyberattacks on the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan and Taiwan.

US diplomats have consistently made it clear that the Biden administration will not be able to stop China only with anti-China rhetoric and naval patrols in the Gulf of Taiwan. Researchers are beginning to agree that the Corona epidemic originated in China and that China deliberately allowed the epidemic to spread around the world. Despite this, neutral observers have criticised that the Biden administration has been extremely irresponsible in not adopting a harsh policy against China.

Nunes appears to have stepped up pressure on the Biden administration by making these new allegations. It is noteworthy that while US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on a visit to India, Nunes made the allegation and questioned the credibility of the Biden administration’s anti-China policies. When China poses a serious threat to both India and the United States, Biden’s administration is preparing to corner a democratic country like India raising human rights issues.

But the Biden administration is reluctant to take a tougher stance against China, which denies human rights outright. It is evident from this that President Biden’s commitment to human rights and his administration is questionable.

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