Chinese patrol vessel sinks a Vietnamese ship in the South China Sea  

Hog Sou: – While the entire world is busy fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, China has taken this opportunity to intensify activities in the South China Sea. A Chinese patrol ship sank a Vietnamese fishing boat near the Paracel Islands and detained eight people onboard. A few days ago, a US aircraft carrier had visited Vietnam. Vietnam had dismissed the Chinese definition of the nine-dash line at that time. Therefore, this seems to be the action taken by the Chinese patrol ship after the US aircraft carrier left the region.  

As per the information given by the Vietnamese media, two days ago, Chinese patrol ships had attacked the Vietnamese boats fishing in the region near the Paracel Islands. A Vietnamese fishing boat sank in this attack carried out by the Chinese patrol ship. Accusing that the boat was fishing in Chinese marine region, all the 8 Vietnamese citizens on board the fishing boat were arrested. Two Vietnamese vessels which went to rescue the sinking ship were also detained.  

Vietnam has criticised this Chinese attack. Vietnam accused China of entering into its marine region and abducting its citizens. Vietnam has also demanded compensation from China. But Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign ministry, dismissed the Vietnamese allegations. Chunying said that on the contrary, the Vietnamese fishing boat had intruded the Chinese waters and was chasing Chinese patrol ships.   

China has been claiming complete rights over the entire South China Sea. Imposing this claim on the countries in south-east Asia, China has built and militarised artificial islands in the marine region. Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines have challenged this Chinese claim and arrogance. Last month, the Chinese communist party published a map of the South China Sea with the nine-dash line. As pert the map, Vietnamese Paracel and the Philippines marine region are claimed to be Chinese territories.  

Vietnam had criticised this Chinese plan in strong words. Vietnam announced that it has proofs that it has historical and geographical rights over the Paracel Islands, and this Chinese bullying will not be tolerated. At the same time, a gigantic US aircraft carrier visited Vietnam, along with its fleet of destroyers. The US aircraft carrier had sailed through the South China Sea.  

China did not retaliate against Vietnam till the time the US aircraft carrier was there in the South China Sea region. But China took this action after the aircraft carrier left the area. 

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