Chinese aggression on the rise: Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, stated, ‘2020 became a very important year. Millions were killed in the Coronavirus pandemic around the globe. In these times, India stood firm against its combative neighbour and shot down all the crooked plots. Therefore, there is an unprecedented makeover necessary in the defence forces.’ At the same time, the Defence Chief said there is no reduction in Chinese aggression, and instead, it is increasing further. Reports are being published that the hackers linked to the Chinese government launched cyberattacks on India. China has denied all the allegations regarding this. But it is consistently being observed that Chinese hackers are targeting the Indian cyber sector. In the meantime, the Indian Defence Chief has called China a combative country and said that it is necessary to be cautious about its aggressive tactics. Chinese aggression is on the rise, even in the Indian Ocean. The Defence Chief said that China is increasing its domination in the region with this, and the Chinese ambition is to influence the Indian neighbours. While addressing a webinar organised by the College of Defence Management in Secunderabad, the Defence Chief said that there is a need for many improvements in the defence sector. The Defence Chief threw light on the lethal Chinese and Pakistani plots while referring to them.Chinese aggression on the rise: Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat

India has developed its capabilities in traditional warfare. India also has nuclear capabilities. But there has to be restructured with the changing times. Saying that the digital sector has also become a battlefield, General Rawat clarified that it has to develop its capabilities in this sector.

It is being revealed that Chinese hackers carried out cyberattacks on the Indian cyber sector. Although the government has not made any official announcement in this respect, the western media has noted a rise in Chinese aggression. The US Senators have demanded from their government to adopt a more active stand for Indian security.

There is no possibility of any reduction in Chinese aggression. Instead, it is becoming apparent that it will try to get India jaded using the non-conventional war techniques. Against this background, the clear mentioning of the Chinese threat to Indian Security by the Indian Defence Chief becomes vitally important.

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