Ignoring China`s warnings US to patrol South China Sea

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A senior US official has confirmed that, the US will continue with its naval and air force activities in the ‘South China Sea’. He further stated that all the US activities will continue based on the guidelines drawn by the international law. US announcement was made immediately after receiving a threatening message from China stating that US will be face trouble if it continues with naval and air force activities in the South China Sea.

The Chief of US Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson is on visit to China, as informed by the Pentagon. One of the reasons for the visit is to strengthen the relationship between the naval forces of USA and China. The importance of the visit was elevated due to recently developed tensions in South China Sea. The world is watching the outcome of the tour amidst the escalated tensions. Admiral John Richardson had a meeting with the Vice Admiral Yuan Yubai,  People’s Liberation Army Navy of China. Admiral John Richardson also visited a naval base.  

Admiral John Richardson expressed the role of US on South China Sea. He also stated that US would continue all its naval and air force activities in South China Sea by following the guidelines of international marine rules. USA will not reduce any naval or air force activities in the South China Sea to ensure freedom of sea transport and peaceful use of sea and air routes.

Before the visit of Admiral John Richardson, Admiral of People’s Liberation Army Navy of China, Admiral Sun Jianguo had warned US that while claiming the freedom of naval transportation if US continues its provocations in South China Sea then it would face danger and trouble. Admiral John Richardson’s comment was in response to the threat given by Admiral Sun Jianguo.

In the last week, The International Court of Justice at The Hague had given a decision against China stating that China does not have any legal right in the area of South China Sea. After the decision China claimed that South China Sea is China’s inherent territory and it has a sole right on the area of South China Sea and no other country should challenge its claim. Australia and Japan has appealed to China to respect the decision given by The International Court of Justice.