China trying to hide failures on other fronts by sparking conflict with India

Beijing: – Media has claimed that the intrusion by the Chinese military at the Indian border since the last few days is nothing but a Chinese ploy to cover-up the government’s failures to resolve bigger problems faced by the Chinese population, including scarcity of food. The media pointed out that even in 1962, the then Chinese President, Mao Tse Tung, had declared war against India only to cover-up his failures. A few months ago, India had delivered a telling blow, in retaliation of the Chinese betrayal. Media has warned that because of the continuation of Chinese activities, despite the blow, a repeat of 1962 is possible.  

China-Jinping Reports are being received that the Indian military has retaliated strongly against the Chinese aggression on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Chinese activities are continuing, despite the blow in the Galwan Valley, along with the continuation of talks on the diplomatic and military levels. Analysts have claimed that the frequent skirmishes on the LAC could be a part of an effort to incite India for a war. Analysts and media are pointing out that the situation in China is similar to the one in 1962, and the then President Mao had chosen the option of war with India to strengthen his position.   

The Chinese image has taken a major beating on the international level due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The hidden Chinese face is being exposed to the world through the expansionist policies being implemented by the Chinese regime and its activities for dominance. At the same time, severe repercussions of the trade war with the United States sanctions imposed by various countries in the world and the changing equations after the Coronavirus pandemic are being felt in the Chinese economy. Exports, the mainstay of the Chinese economy, have been severely hit, and the internal demand also is declining. The heavy rains and megafloods in the last few months have hit agriculture hard, and there are indications that the food grain production also will show a decline of some significant percent in the current year.  

Against this very background, the campaign started against food wastage as an initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping becomes significant. ‘Operation clean plate’ is said to be the second phase of the ‘Clean your plate’ campaign started seven years ago. The Chinese media has claimed that President Jinping has started the campaign to fulfil the provisions of the Food Waste campaign implemented by the United Nations. But the information surfacing from within China is showing a different picture. A private company in China has made a shocking revelation that food production in China will decline by 11.2 million tonnes as compared to last year. At the same time, as per the government’s own statement, China has imported more than 23% of the food grain requirement in the last seven months. It has also been revealed that the import of wheat has increased by 197%, and corn imports have increased by more than 23%.   

In China, a 13% increase has been reported in the food grain, and vegetable prices and the meat prices have gone up by a whopping 85%. While speaking about the Coronavirus pandemic, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced that a special scheme would be prepared for food security. The situation in the villages has become perilous due to the heavy downpour and the massive floods, and the issue to migrants in the cities is becoming serious once again. Media is claiming that all of these situations point to China being trapped in a major economic crisis, along with the scarcity of food. It is also believed that the faulty policies and failed decisions of President Xi Jinping are responsible for the developing problem.   

The criticism made against President Jinping by the leaders from the ruling communist party and officials in the last few months also points to the same thing. President Jinping is making frantic efforts to cover-up his failures. Media has claimed that it is because of this that Jinping is trying to incite India for war and fan the spirit of nationalism in the Chinese population. 

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