China to supply 650,000 medical kits to India

New Delhi: – China will be supplying 650,000 medical kits to India. There is a fear among Indians regarding the quality of the kits and demand for testing the kits received is becoming stronger. The cause of the fear is that the kits supplied by China in the past to the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands and Italy were found to be faulty. At the same time, the ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ (PPE) supplied by China to India had been found to be of very inferior quality. China, which is the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, also is the hub for manufacturing medical kits for the Coronavirus. Therefore, most of the countries purchased these kits from China. But these materials were found to be defective. India has purchased medical kits from China on a massive scale. The first consignment of these medical kits will be arriving on Thursday.

There are ‘Rapid Antibody Tests’ (RAT) and ‘RNA Extraction Kits’ (REK) in the first consignment of 650,000 kits. The RAT is claimed to confirm the presence of Coronavirus in the patients in just 15 minutes. It is said that RAT will be useful in the Red Zones of the country. 2.0 million more kits will be received from China in the next 15 days.

Meanwhile, India had received 170,000 PPEs from China. India had not ordered for these PPEs. They were a goodwill gift from China. But on testing, these PPEs were found to be of very inferior quality. 50,000 PPEs were not even fit for use. India had ordered 1.5 million PPEs to China.

Indians have expressed concerns over the medical kits being supplied by China. No one is willing to trust anything ‘Made in China’. China has supplied defective kits to the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. The United Kingdom, infuriated by this, had returned the kits to China and had demanded a refund. Concerns are being expressed whether India also will be faced with a similar situation?

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