China restless due to the US Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson’s visit to Vietnam

Beijing: “China being upset with the visit of the US aircraft carrier ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to Vietnam cannot be avoided. China is watching the deployment of the US warship in Vietnam,” criticised ‘Global Times’ the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. This happens to be the second visit by ‘USS Carl Vinson’ to the ‘South China Sea’ in the last month.

china,us, vietnam, aircraft‘USS Carl Vinson’ docked in the ‘Danang’ port in Vietnam with a fleet of more than 125 fighter jets. Along with this aircraft carrier, USS Michael Murphy is also deployed in the Vietnamese marine region. The US analysts and media have claimed that this deployment, although temporary, is instigation to China in view of the tension in the ‘South China Sea’.

China issued a warning to the United States taking note of the warship on Wednesday. “We hope that no tension will be created in the ‘South China Sea’ because of the ‘USS Carl Vinson’ visit to Vietnam. China is not pressurised by the visit of the warship. But, the United States will certainly waste its money by sending the warship in the ‘South China Sea’,” commented the Chinese mouthpiece. Last month ‘USS Carl Vinson’ passed very close to the border of the artificial islands built by China in the ‘South China Sea’. China had reacted strongly to this visit of the warship. Philippines has supported the warship’s visit. After this, ‘USS Carl Vinson’ once again visited the marine region sending a warning to the Chinese supremo Xi Jinping.

At the same time as the USS Carl Vinson’s visit to the ‘South China sea’ another US warship has been despatched to the Pacific Ocean region. The US navy informed that ‘USS Wasp’, an amphibious aircraft carrier with ‘F-35B’ stealth fighter jets, deployed in Japan, has started on its new campaign. This is the first occurrence of stealth fighters being deployed on an aircraft carrier and it is claimed to have increased the US naval strength. This deployment of ‘USS Wasp’ with the stealth fighters is claimed to be a warning for China as well as North Korea.

An increase of Chinese naval activity has been observed in the last few weeks, in the ‘South China Sea’. The senior US officials have said that it is necessary to create a deterrent to the Chinese arrogance in the region. That is the reason China is restless due to the presence of ‘USS Carl Vinson’ and ‘USS Wasp’ in the ‘South China Sea’ and the Pacific Ocean.

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