Afghanistan demands public apology from China after busting Chinese espionage module

Kabul: – Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh demanded ‘China has violated the international regulations by inserting spies and running terrorist centres in Afghanistan. Therefore, China that has rocked the Afghan belief should openly apologise to Afghanistan.’ Saleh also warned that the Afghan agencies would release the Chinese spies under detention only if China apologised openly. China seems to be embarrassed by this Afghan demand.   

A few days ago, the Afghan security agency destroyed a terrorist cell, in action taken in capital Kabul, with 10 Chinese citizens’ involvement. More information was revealed after all these ten people were arrested by the National Directorate of Security of Afghanistan. The arrested terrorists included Li Yangyang, an operative for the Chinese secret agency. Yangyang was active in Afghanistan since the month of July-August.   

These 10 also include Sha Hung, a lady running a restaurant in the Shirpur area of Kabul. Both Yangyang and Sha were in contact with Haqqani Network, the Pakistani terrorist organisation. A large haul of weapons and narcotic substances were seized from the homes of both Yangyang and Sha. It has also been revealed that Yangyang and Sha were also operating an espionage racket under the terrorist organisation’s garb.   

Afghan Vice President and former Chief of the intelligence agency, Amarullah Saleh, has adopted a tough stand in this matter. Saleh has demanded that China who has betrayed Afghanistan should openly apologise. China has avoided reacting in the matter. 

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