China should prepare to attack Taiwan, warns Global Times

third-world-war, ChinaBeijing: ‘It is a myth that the integration of Taiwan with China will be a peaceful process. Therefore, China should straightaway attack Taiwan’, is the advice by the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, the ‘Global Times’. The Chinese daily issued this open threat mentioning military action at a time when the senior officials of the United States Department of State just landed in Taiwan for a visit. Only Two days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had announced that China was prepared for a ‘Bloody Battle’ for  Taiwan.

Attack-TaiwanUS President Donald Trump had given indications of awarding an independent nation’s status to Taiwan by signing the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ just in the last week. Following this, Alex Wong, a senior official (Deputy Assistant Secretary) from the Department of State proceeded on a Taiwan visit. He became the first senior US official to visit Taiwan after the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ was passed. China is fuming as a US official had landed in Taiwan within days of the enactment of the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’.

Chinese President Jinping while addressing the national parliament, indicated the extent that China would go to with its aggressive position. By insisting that ‘We will not let go of even an inch of the Taiwanese land’, he warned even of a military conflict. Also, by sending its officials on a Taiwan visit in spite of the stern warnings of the Chinese President, the United States sent a clear message across to China that the US stand on Taiwan was not likely to change.

China is upset because of the US officials’ visit to Taiwan and the threat to attack issued in the ‘Global Times’ is the outcome of it. ‘China should start preparations for a direct attack in the Taiwan Strait. China will have to make Taiwan realise that it will have to pay a heavy price for the cooperation initiated between Taiwan and the United States’, threatened the ‘Global Times’. The article also mentions that the Chinese leadership had been advised to deploy its warships and fighter jets in the Taiwan strait, even in the past.

The daily also criticised the peaceful process to find a solution on the Taiwan issue. ‘It is a myth that the Taiwan issue could be resolved peacefully. The staff seems to be more useful than flowers in this peaceful process of unification’, said ‘Global Times’ to advise that the peaceful process should be scrapped.

Coinciding with the release of the article in the ‘Global Times’, the Chinese aircraft carrier ‘Liaoning’ reached near the Taiwanese maritime border on Tuesday night. The Taiwanese defence ministry informed that the Chinese aircraft carrier had come near their maritime border and was carrying out military exercises.

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