China objects to the temporary Indian structures at Lipulekh  

New Delhi: – The Chinese military has opposed the temporary structures erected by India in the Lipulekh area of Uttarakhand. Before this, Nepal had raised objections on the Kailash-Mansarovar link road built by India, leading up to the Lipulekh valley and prepared a map showing the area as its territory. The analysts claimed that this was done by Nepal on instigation from China. Now, China is openly opposing the temporary structures erected for the convenience of the tourists going to Kailash-Mansarovar and the traders going to China. Tension is growing in Ladakh between the Indian and Chinese military, and a discussion is scheduled to be held between senior military officials. China seems to have opened this Lipulekh front to increase pressure on India before the talks.  

China, Lipulekh

China has initiated inciting actions ever since India opened the new road to Lipulekh. The Chinese military has objected to the temporary structures erected in the area. These structures are 800 metres inside the Indian border. These structures have been erected as a place to rest for the traders going into China through the Lipulekh pass and for the tourists visiting Kailash-Mansarovar. But on Wednesday, the Chinese military raised an objection to these structures. The Chinese flag was put up on the border, and demand for removing these structures was made. China has installed huge equipment and also has temporary structures within 250 metres from the border. But now China is objecting the Indian structures.  

China is trying to create disputes over regions, regarding which, there is no dispute between the two countries. China has carried out development in its territory. A military official said that the reason for Chinese restlessness is that India is trying to develop necessary infrastructural facilities for tourists, traders and the military after constructing the road. The timing of the objection raised by China also is questionable. China is trying to increase the pressure on India before the high-level discussions over the Ladakh tension by raising objections on the structures in Lipulekh. 

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