China will fill the vacuum created by the US, claims Austrian Chancellor

Munich : Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, indicated the changes in the international systems saying, ‘The power centre at the international level is shifting. The United States is still a super power but it seem to be withdrawing from the international politics. China is trying to fill up this political vacuum.’ At the same time, he added that the migrant problem being the biggest obstacle of Europe is weakening it. 

Austrian-ChancellorChancellor Kurz, while speaking at the ‘Munich Security Conference’ clarified the change in balance of powers at the international level. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who claims that China is replacing the United States, criticised Europe of becoming weak. Comparing the European Union to a bickering old married couple, heunderlined the internal conflict in Europe. Kurz made everyone aware of the problems in Europe saying that the West European countries complain about the East European countries and the North European countries against the South European countries.

He further added that the other European leaders have also adopted a similar stance and claimed that the United States is drifting away from Europe, its traditional friend. German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel stated that Germany no more feels close to the United States, like before. Russia and China are trying to weaken Europe and the United States also is following their footsteps, alleged the German Foreign Minister. Gabriel, who expects co-operation from the United States, , named Russia and China as possible competitors or opposition countries for Europe.

US President, Donald Trump, has adopted the policy of ‘America First’ since he assumed power. The European leaders are complaining that this has affected European countries, the most. Major countries in Europe, like Germany, Britain and France have consistently targeted the United States on this issue. The European countries had adopted an aggressive stance, against the United States, during the ‘G8’ and the NATO meetings, held last year.

At the same time, China is trying to strengthen its position in Europe through trade and financial investments. China has invested billions of dollars in Europe, right from infrastructural facilities to leading technology companies. Railway corridors have also been built to connect directly to Europe and China is vying to be close to the European countries. Beside Europe, China is using its financial strength to try and replace the United States in Africa, Latin America and Asian continents. The statements in the ‘Munich Security Conference’ indicate that the European leaders are taking a serious notice of the changes happening in the international systems and its effect on Europe.

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