‘Insecure’ China criticizes Indo-US cooperation

New Delhi/Beijing: – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has assured that the United States will firmly stand behind India, who is trying to protect its sovereignty from China. Upset with the statement, China has said that the India-China border dispute is a bilateral issue and there is no scope for any other country to intervene. At the same time, China claimed that this exposed the cold war mentality of the United States to the world. But as per strategic analysts, although China is feigning to confront the India-US cooperation, in reality, it has become too insecure.   

The statements issued by the Chinese foreign ministry and its embassy in India criticized the United States. India and China have the maturity and understanding to resolve the bilateral border dispute. China has taken a stand in the statement that this border dispute is exclusively a bilateral issue and no third country has any scope to intervene. At the same time, the statement accuses that the United States is raising the ghost of the Chinese threat, only to maintain its dominance and monopoly in the Indo-Pacific region. China claimed that this only exposes the prejudiced cold war mentality of the United States.  

China has become extremely restless due to the Basic Exchange Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation (BECA) signed between India and the United States. Therefore, the Chinese reaction to the India-US cooperation becomes natural. The homage paid by the US Secretary for Defence to the brave Indian soldiers martyred in the Galwan Valley seems to have added to the Chinese restlessness. Also, the blame that Chinese activities are promoting instability also seems to have bitten China strongly. This is apparent from the Chinese reactions.   

Following India, US Secretary of State proceeded on a visit to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia. China has issued a fresh warning regarding this tour, to the United States. China warned the United States not to pressurize Sri Lanka. These Chinese reactions are coming due to the realization that these US actions are foiling the Chinese plot. China is accusing that the United States is playing tactics to position one group of countries against the others and fulfilling its political ambitions. But as per the strategic analysts, the credit of uniting all the nations against China, is only with China itself, given its aggressive activities, and no other country can claim the credit. 

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