The real face of Chinese communist government seen in the criticism in the Floyd issue, US Secretary of State slams China

Washington: – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed the Chinese rulers by saying that the insensitivity of the Chinese communist rulers is seen in the way they are trying to take advantage of the unfortunate death of George Floyd in the United States. This shows the real face of Chinese rulers. Against the background of the protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd, China raised the issue in the United Nations. At the same time, some videos showing distorted images of the US agitation were also published by China. Meanwhile, the unrest started in the United States has spread internationally, and massive demonstrations were held in Europe, Asia and Australia on Saturday.

Floyd, US Secretary of State, Chinese communist government

Last month, on the 25th of May, a black citizen George Floyd was killed during police action in the state of Minnesota. A wave of anger engulfed the black community in the United States, and extensive protests started against police brutality. The protests, which started due to the death of Floyd turned violent, and some of the groups in the United States as well as some opposing countries seem to be taking advantage of the situation. China, who has become the target for the international community over the Coronavirus and Hongkong issues, is firing salvos of criticism on the United States. The US Secretary of State seems to have given a fitting reply to the Chinese criticism through his statements.

The US Secretary of State pointed out the difference between the United States and China saying that the Chinese police take brutal action against unarmed protestors raising a voice against the government, from Hong Kong to Tiananmen square. Journalists reporting this are jailed whereas protests are welcomed in the United States. The officer responsible for the action faces punishment, and people involved in looting and arson are handed out a harsh sentence. The freedom and security of the citizens are taken care of, within the purview of the law. US media takes note of the incidents and report them to the world.

Floyd, US Secretary of State, Chinese communist government

Pompeo lashed out at the Chinese ruling communist party saying that in a dictatorial regime, lies of any level are used to hold on to the power. The Secretary of State also warned that the Chinese propaganda against the United States is laughable and no one will believe it. At this time, Pompeo targeted China over Coronavirus pandemic, saying the Chinese government is misleading the world with false information, after making doctors and journalist disappear.

Floyd, US Secretary of State, Chinese communist government

Meanwhile, the protests which started following the death of Floyd are continuing on the 13th successive day. People took to the streets in huge numbers to demonstrate against the death of Floyd, in many cities of the United States, including capital Washington. People demonstrated against the atrocities and police brutality, against the black community in the United States, in many cities, defying the curfew imposed. Although no significant violent incident was reported during the Saturday demonstrations, reports of arguments between the police and demonstrators have been received.

It was evident on Saturday that the protests have spread to other countries of the world. Rallies in support of the agitation in the United States were organised in countries like Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Japan and South Korea in the Asian continent also witnessed demonstrations. As per the media, massive protests were held even in Australia and South Africa.

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