China claims entire Mount Everest; Nepal objects   

New Delhi- China has claimed the world’s highest mountain peak, the Mount Everest, in entirety to itself. On Saturday, the Chinese Government channel, China Global Television Network [CGTN], published a few photos of Mount Everest and captioned in it ‘China’s Tibet Autonomous Region’. This is viewed as China’s effort to strengthen its hold over Tibet and Mount Everest. Nepal has started voicing criticism.    

A few days ago, China had initiated a campaign to measure Mount Everest’s height without even informing Nepal. Moreover, recently the Chinese company Huawei has installed 5G towers in three places on Mount Everest. Besides, analysts say that there is more to this move than just the intent of providing a high-speed-internet service in such an inaccessible atmosphere. This might have military significance, plus, China will be able to take advantage of this technology, claim experts about China.    

The claim that CGTN made by posting photographs of the Mount Everest is viewed as China’s attempt to strengthen its hold over the region. Even though the CGTN removed this post from social media later, they clearly could not have written it without the Chinese government’s permission. The analysts also claim that this seems to be a part of China’s ‘Salami Slicing’ policy, which is used to widen its borders.    

Furthermore, the analysts also say that this Chinese campaign to measure the peak’s height without informing Nepal, installing 5G towers over there, followed by this indirect claim can make ties between China and Nepal distant in future. The Mount Everest has been divided between Nepal and Tibet. However, most tourists visit Mount Everest from Nepal, because climbing it from Tibet is difficult. China addresses Mount Everest as Mount Chomolungma. Nepal has begun agitating against these Chinese movements. Moreover, Nepali writer, Kanak Mani Dixit, also demands that CGTN must apologise and rectify its mistake by writing that Mount Chomulunga belongs to Tibet. 

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