China is capable of launching cyberattacks on India: Indian Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: – Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said that China could launch cyberattacks on India and there is a major disparity between the capabilities of both countries on this front. But India is working on developing its strength in cyber defence. The Defence Chief also assured that expeditious efforts are being made to reduce the effect of the Chinese cyberattacks.   

General Rawat was speaking at a symposium organised in New Delhi. The talks to reduce the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh and complete the process of military withdrawal will start between India and China soon. But China has not expressed willingness to withdraw its military from certain parts of the LAC in Ladakh. In this scenario, the statements made by Defence Chief General Rawat regarding the Chinese cyberattacks become significant. The reports claimed that a Chinese cyberattack was behind the power outage in Mumbai last year. The Indian companies manufacturing Corona Vaccine also had been targets of cyberattacks.   

China had denied both the accusations. But the companies connected with cybersecurity from other countries had claimed that the Chinese hackers were behind these cyberattacks. In the past, the United States and Europe had accused of cyberattacks being launched from China. China has kept its cyber army ready and it has been exposed that China is always ready to use the army. Against this background, Defence Chief General Rawat seems to have cautioned the country with this information regarding the Chinese capabilities to launch cyberattacks.  

There is a huge disparity between the Indian and Chinese capabilities in the cyber sector. India is making efforts to close this gap. All the necessary precautions to stop the Chinese cyberattacks are being taken. But China has the capability to bypass this security and enter the Indian cyber sector. General Rawat informed that therefore, India is developing the capacity to minimise the damage and the time of disruption caused by the Chinese cyberattacks. General Rawat clarified that cooperation is being sought from other countries in this matter. India has signed cybersecurity-related agreements with many developed countries given the threat posed by China, to the Indian cyber sector. General Rawat seems to be quoting these.  

Meanwhile, although there is a disparity between India and China’s cyber capabilities, India is working on reducing the gap with the use of super-advanced technology. General Rawat also informed that all the three-armed forces’ joint capabilities are being used for this purpose. General Rawat also claimed that the creation of the post of Defence Chief is also an important stage on the country’s defensive front.   

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