Chemical attack by ISIS on US troops in Iraq

Baghdad : The ISIS has fired a rocket that has landed at the ‘Qayyarah Airbase’ in Iraq. That this could have been a chemical attack, is a distinct possibility and if confirmed, would prove to be the first chemical attack on the US troops. Moreover, the likelihood of the conflict against the IS in Iraq becoming more expansive also must be reckoned with, as a result of this attack. The US and the Iraqi troops have together initiated a powerful offensive to seize the Mosul region of Northern Iraq. The Iraqi army has successfully taken over  areas around Mosul for which purpose, the US has been providing support by way of air strikes. It was in the course of the joint operations of the US and the Iraqi troops that  the rocket was fired two days ago at the ‘Qayyarah Airbase’ in northern Iraq.. Although the attack has reportedly claimed no lives,  it is feared the rocket could contain the poisonous ‘Mustard Gas’. On this background investigations examining this aspect of the attack are now under way.

iraq us armyAttacks executed by the IS in the past  on Iraq and Syria with rockets loaded with poisonous chemical and gases have left a large number of civilians injured. After these attacks it was claimed that the IS had laid its hands on the stock of chemical weapons of Saddam’s times.

Meanwhile in the light of the increasing attacks by the IS in Iraq, the US has given indications of stepping up the deployment of its troops in this region. A minimum of 2700 US soldiers have, in any case been already deployed in Iraq.

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