Call for nationwide uprising against Junta regime in Myanmar

Bangkok: Myanmar’s shadow government has called on the people to stage a nationwide uprising against the military junta regime that overthrew the elected government. To free Myanmar from the clutches of military rule, small and large armed groups should target the army as well as military bases, said Duwa Lashi La, the interim president of the government in exile.


Call for nationwide uprising against Junta regime in MyanmarSeven months ago, Myanmar’s military overthrew the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. All key government officials, including Suu Kyi, were detained. After this, the people of Myanmar staged violent protests against the army. It is claimed that at least a thousand people were killed in the army firing and brutal actions. Thousands of protesters are still being held captive by the army, which also has horrific incidents of atrocities against girls and women by the military, have also been reported.

The protests in Myanmar have cooled over the past few weeks. But the possibility of a resurgence in Myanmar has been raised after interim President Duwa Lashi La called for a nationwide uprising on Tuesday. ASEAN, as well as western countries, have objected to this call by the opposition group. They also have appealed to all groups to exercise restraint.

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