UK prepares to ban Chinese company Huawei   

London/Beijing: – After the United States announced Huawei, as the threat to national security, the United Kingdom also is preparing to ban Huawei completely. The British intelligence agencies have submitted a report in this matter, to the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The report warns that the Huawei company is not safe for the implementation of the 5G technology and communications networks, in the United Kingdom. Analysts claimed that if the United Kingdom banned Huawei, repercussions would be felt even in Europe.  

Last week, British Minister Oliver Dowden, indicated in the British parliament that the United Kingdom would ban the Huawei company in the next few days. Dowden informed the parliament that the United Kingdom will pay any price for national security. The statements made by Dowden were endorsed by the report presented by the ‘National Cyber Security Centre’, of the British intelligence agency GCHQ. The report submitted by the ‘National Cyber Security Centre’ to the Prime Minister has the mention of the sanctions and the ban imposed by the United States on Huawei.  

The British intelligence agency has warned that in consideration of the decisions taken by the United States, regarding Huawei, the use of this company’s products may not be secure, even in the United Kingdom. Following the report, former chief of British intelligence also has cautioned against Huawei. John Sawers, former Chief of the British intelligence service MI6, drew attention to the fact that the Chinese government may carry out espionage in the United Kingdom through the medium of Huawei. The members of the British parliament also have formed a group, of 60 lawmakers, to pressurise the government on the Huawei issue. This group also has made an insistent demand for a quick decision to ban Huawei and starting the further process.   

Indications are that if the United Kingdom imposed a complete ban on Huawei, repercussions of the decision would be felt even in Europe. Orange, the telecommunications company of the French Government, has preferred European companies for the implementation of the 5G technology. At the same time, it has also issued orders to the other companies, entering the 5G arena, not to take any cooperation from Huawei company. A decision is expected in the next few days from Germany and it is believed that Germany will impose a limited ban Huawei, following the United Kingdom and France.   

The ban imposed by the European countries will deliver a major blow to the efforts of the Chinese communist regime, to dominate the technology sector. Before this, Australia, once a close trade ally of China, imposed a ban on Huawei. Whereas, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the front ‘D10 Alliance’ to counter the domination of the Chinese companies in the technology sector, including Huawei. 

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