Citizens of India, Taiwan and Tibet hold ‘Boycott China’ protests in US  

New York: – Repercussions of the cowardly and deceitful attack by China, in the Galwan Valley are being felt even in other countries, after India. Following the Chinese attack, ‘Boycott China’ campaign was started in India. This campaign is receiving support even from the Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and the Indian community in the United States have taken up the issue. NRI groups held protests at the famous Times Square area, in New York, on Friday. More attention was drawn to the protests as the Taiwanese and Tibetan groups also joined the protests.   

‘Boycott China’

There is a strong wave of anger against China, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent activities of the Chinese communist government. China, known as the factory of the world, has started receiving jolts following the trade war started by US President Donald Trump and the subsequent Coronavirus pandemic. The Trump administration in the United States, who has castigated China on various issues, including the Uyghur issue, has started the process of reducing import of Chinese products, since the last few years. This process is gaining momentum, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic and other countries of the world are also following suit.  

Last month, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in an attack launched by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, on Indian soldiers. Following this, there is a wave of anger against China, in India and the demand to jolt China on every possible level is growing by the day. Boycott on Chinese products also is a part of the same anger and along with the Indian government, major industry associations also have taken decisive steps in that direction. The Indian community abroad also has strongly supported this campaign and the protests started in the United States are a part of this.   

‘Boycott China’

‘American India Public Affairs Committee’ one of the important Indian groups in the United States organised ‘Boycott China’ protests. At this time, while shouting slogans against China, they referred to the Chinese communist government as a rascal government. At the same time, an appeal was made to the international community that this is the right time for action against China and the three ‘T’s should be used against China. ‘American India, Public Affairs Committee’, said that these three ‘T’s stand for Trade, Taiwan and Tibet.  

The participation of the Taiwanese and Tibetan groups in the protest, held by the Indian groups in the United States, drew attention. These groups demanded during the protests that the international community should stop supporting the One China Policy. At the same time, these groups assured complete support for the Boycott China campaign started by the Indian groups. 

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