One more African American killed in police action, agitations newly start around the country  

Washington: Death of one more African American, in police action, has been reported from the city of Atlanta in the United States. Last month, violent agitation had started in the United States following the death of an African American, George Floyd, and fears of the agitation festering further, following the new incident, are being expressed. US President Donald Trump has twitted ‘Law and Order’ after the Atlanta incident.  

On Friday night, the police received a car-related complaint from Wendy’s restaurant, in Atlanta city. After reaching the spot, the police started interrogating 27 years old, Rayshard Brooks, who was found sleeping in the car, in front of the restaurant. The police tried to arrest him as he was drunk. But at this time, Brooks snatched the Taser from one of the policemen and started running. When Brooks aimed the Taser at the policemen, one of the officers fired twice, in retaliation. Brooks seriously injured in the incident succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.  

Strong protests started in Atlanta following Brooks’ death. A violent mob blocked the highway in Atlanta and started vandalism. At this time, Wendy’s restaurant, Brooks’ place of death, also was burnt. The police used Lathi charge and tear gas to control the violent mob and arrested more than 40 people. Garrett Rolfe, the officer responsible for the firing, has been suspended and the other officer, Devin Brosnan, involved in the incident has been transferred. Erica Shields, the chief of the Atlanta police department has resigned.   

Last month, on the 25th of May, an African American George Floyd died in police action, in the city of Minneapolis. The discontent brewing in the US black community erupted following the death. Issue of the death of Floyd had been taken up by ‘Black Lives Matter’, the international group, known as the agitation of the Black people. Violent protests had been initiated, in the United States, citing the reason of the death of an African American. Units of National Guard and US military had to be deployed, in various parts of the country, to control the violent mobs.   

Some of the leaders, actors and analysts in the United States had claimed that this agitation was a part of the conspiracy against President Trump. President Trump, taking serious cognisance of the violence, had accused the anarchists and extremists of perpetrating this violence and ordered stern action against them. Political parties in the United States had demanded reforms in the police department. Two days ago, President Trump had indicated that a special ordinance would be issued regarding the police department reforms.  

Against this background, fears of violence spreading, once again, in the United States, following the Atlanta incident, are being expressed. It is reported that the protests which started in the US cities of Cleveland and Portland, on Saturday, once again turned violent. There are reports that the protests in other parts of the country also are turning violent and President Trump’s tweet ‘Law and Order’ becomes significant against this background. 

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