Bill tabled in US Congress to scrap ‘One China Policy’

Washington/Taipei/Beijing: – Senator John Tiffany, from the Republican party, presented a bill in the US Congress to cancel the One China Policy, saying, ‘The US Presidents from both the parties have been tolerating the blatant lie of the communist Chinese regime that Taiwan is a part of communist China for the last 40 years. But this is not the truth. Now is the time to distance from this outdated policy.’ Accusations are rife that President Joe Biden is adopting a very noncommittal stand on the Chinese issues. Therefore, this bill could have some major repercussions in the US political circles.   

one-china-policy-usFormer US President Donald Trump had adopted a more active stand on cooperation with Taiwan. The diplomatic office started by the United States in Taiwan, the US National Security Advisor’s meeting with Taiwanese leaders and the increasing cooperation are considered to be a part of the policy of Trump. Last year, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo created a sensation that Taiwan is not a part of China. Secretary of State Pompeo had also clarified that the United States is following this policy fixed by Ronald Reagan nearly three and a half decades ago, and both the parties have accepted the same.  

Senators John Tiffany and Scott Perry have demanded to scrap of the One China Policy, mentioning the decision taken by the Reagan administration. The bill alleges that despite decisions like the Taiwan Relations Act and Six Assurances taken by Former President Ronald Reagan, the United States did not establish relations with Taiwan on the official level. The US Senators also alleged that the US administration is treating a democratic country like Taiwan worse than North Korea, Iran and Cuba.   

Senator John Tiffany presented an adamant stand, ‘The United States does not require permission from China to speak to its global allies and partners. Taiwan is a free, democratic and independent country, and the US policies also should reflect this clearly. Senator Scott Perry demanded the One China Policy’s cancellation, saying, ‘Taiwan has been an independent country since the last 70 years and continues to be one, and time has come that the United States to exercise its right of saying this openly.’  

In 1949, after China and Taiwan became independent, the United States established diplomatic relations with both countries. But in 1979, the then US President Jimmy Carter severed ties with Taipei and accepted the One China Policy. As per the policy drafted by the Chinese communist party, Taiwan is one of the Chinese provinces. The One China Policy clearly says that China can take military action to forcibly integrate Taiwan into China if the need arises.   

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