Baloch and Sindhi citizens hold protests outside UNHRC headquarters

Geneva: – Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, expressed fake sensitivities, regarding Human Rights in the UN General Assembly. But Imran Khan who has not uttered a word regarding the atrocities meted out to the Baloch and Sindhi citizens of Pakistan has been shown the mirror by the Baloch and Sindhi organisations, by holding protests outside the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), headquarters. At this time, the protestors appealed that the United Nations should make efforts to stop the atrocities in the Baluchistan and Sindh province of Pakistan.   

baloch-sindhi45th session of the UNHRC will start on Friday. These protests were held just in time, before the session. Protestors gave slogans against the extreme atrocities showered by Pakistan, on the Baloch and Sindhi population, during these protests organised by the Baloch Human Rights Council and World Sindhi Congress. The protestors displayed banners against the Pakistan military. The protestors also carried photographs of the activists, who went missing after being detained by the Pakistan military.   

Pakistan military and government are carrying out a genocide in Baluchistan and Sindh provinces and those opposing it are being abducted. The protestors demanded that the United Nations and the international community, need to take a firm stand against this and discharge their responsibilities. 

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