Australia PM Morrison says under no condition Australia will bow down to bully China 

Canberra: – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, gave a fitting reply to the Chinese threat of economic repercussions. Prime Minister Morrison lambasted that Australia will not compromise over the freedom of expression, human rights and security, bowing in front of the Chinese pressure. Australia will remain Australia forever’. Prime Minister Morrison clarified that there would be no deviation in the stand adopted by Australian, regarding China, on the international level. Last week, the Chinese foreign ministry made serious accusations against Australia. China threatened that if Australia did not change its antagonistic stand towards China, it would have to face economic repercussions. China claimed that the Australian economy could not sustain in front of the Chinese economic might. China threatened that if Australia considers China as its enemy, China also will treat Australia as an enemy.   

China accused that the Scott Morrison government is pouring poison in the China-Australia relations. China is fuming due to the Australian ban on Chinese company Huawei, strong criticism of Chinese actions in Hongkong, Taiwan and Xinjiang province and opposition to the Chinese investment in Australia. The Australian Prime Minister infuriated China further, with the demand for an independent inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic. Australia Prime Minister, Scott Morrison undertook the measures, to bust the crooked Chinese plot to interfere in the internal Australian politics, through its agents, added to the Chinese restlessness. Therefore, China threatened Australia of dire consequences.   

Australian Prime Minister Morrison replied to the Chinese threat. Australia has never compromised on its national interests and laws; Australia will never allow these laws being manipulated by any other country. Morrison clarified that even now, Australia will not back out, bowing in front of the Chinese pressures. Morrison said that the Australian stand regarding freedom of expression, security and human rights would continue to remain the same.   

Meanwhile, only a few hours ago, Five Eyes alliance, which included Australia, lashed out at China over the Hongkong issue. The Five Eyes alliance accused that China has initiated a systematic campaign to finish anyone raising a voice against China. Australia declared that comprehensive defence cooperation would be established with Japan, to stop China.    

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