China trying to hide Coronavirus facts, accuses Australian daily  

Canberra: An Australian daily claimed that China is still trying to hide facts regarding the spread of Coronavirus. This claim has been made based on the information posted on a medical research website. This article has been posted by researchers from the United States and uses information regarding last rites performed on the dead bodies. The report makes a startling claim that there has been a minimum of 36,000 Coronavirus deaths in the city of Wuhan, the origin of Coronavirus.   

Gladstone Observer, a daily in Australia, has published a report exposing the Chinese game of hide and seek regarding information about Coronavirus pandemic. The report refers to an article posted on the medical research website ‘Med Archives’. This article written by four researchers has taken into account the information for the period from December 2019 to March 2020. As per Chinese regulations, the places for funeral rights on dead bodies in Wuhan are open only for four hours in the day.  

As per the available numbers, there are eight places for funeral rights in Wuhan. In normal situations, these places were handling an average of 136 funerals every day. But these places were operational for all 24 hours, since January. If the information revealed by the Chinese agencies regarding Wuhan is compared to this reality, it is exposed as to how the Chinese government manipulated the information.  

The US researchers have claimed in their article that the number of Coronavirus deaths in Wuhan could be a minimum of 36,000. Chinese government agencies have shown a figure of 2,500 Coronavirus deaths in Wuhan. The total number of Coronavirus cases, in Wuhan, as shown by the Chinese agencies is only around 50,000. But the US researchers have claimed in their article that this number could be 300,000.   

Chinese mendacity has been exposed even in the past, through media and the articles written by researchers. China had announced that the number of Coronavirus deaths was 4,633, and the total number of cases was 82,941. But in a shocking revelation, entries in the register of the Chinese military university showed that the Coronavirus pandemic had spread to 230 Chinese cities and more than 650,000 Coronavirus cases were detected. A few days ago, Harvard University from the United States had said that the Coronavirus pandemic had already started in China in August 2019.  

The report in the Australian daily has once again exposed the Chinese game of hide and seek, regarding the information pertaining to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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