Attacks by Israel’s fighter planes on Syria

Jerusalem/Damascus – After the missile attacks of the US on Syria, and as the two groups – US and Russia are confrontating each other, the news, that the fighter planes of Israel are mounting attacks on Syria, has been received. Syrian media has claimed that Israel’s planes have attacked those areas in Syria where Hezbollah terrorists have been hiding. However the Syrian military has denied such air attacks from Israel. 
Golan HeightsCertain human rights officials from human right’s organizations have provided information to the local media that, these air attacks were mounted near ‘Farita Barens’ an area to the north-west of Syria. The media claimed that the warplanes from Israel attacked the Syrian military forces which were stationed there. It was being said that there would be a reaction to these attacks of Israel’s planes targeting the Syrian military straight away. However, in a matter of minutes news surfaced that Israel’s planes were targeting the Hezbollah terrorists in the region. 
Hezbollah terrorists are known to have a firm control over the area. Hence, it it said, that to target these terrorists, Israel’s planes mounted the attacks. Although the news was published in the Syrian media, Hezbollah had avoided to comment on this. According to other sources the attacks by Israel‘s planes were near the borders of Lebanon. 
The area of ‘Farita Barens’ is near the borders of Syria and Lebanon. The terrorists from the IS group had attempted to control this area. However, since the last few weeks when the Syrian forces mounted forceful attacks, the Hezbollah made this area its base. Israel has claimed that its air attacks were to destroy the Hezbollah base. 
However, the claims made by the Syrian media have been denied by the Syrian military. The Syrian military has been clarifying that no air attacks were being made by Israel’s fighter planes. Hezbollah has managed a role of maintaining silence. 
Just last month, Israel’s fighter planes crossed the Syrian borders forcefully and struck twice. The Israel’s military claimed that the attacks on the parts of Palmyra region in Syria was to control the accumulation of arms by the Hezbollah which was arming itself under the guise of ‘struggle’. 
Syria had claimed that its anti aircraft guns managed to target warplanes of Israel as they were returning after mounting attacks in Syria. The Syrian military declared that one such warplane was shot down. However, Israel denied this claim. Thereafter, Israel military indicated that it would destroy the anti aircraft technology of Syria in toto. 

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