Indian economic decisions against China will encourage other countries, claims US Security Council Chief

Washington: – India has shown that it has the capability and will power to confront China. The Indian action to ban Chinese apps and the stand taken against Chinese investments is decisive. Lisa Curtis, Senior Director for South and Central Asia on the US National Security Council, expressed confidence that the countries in the Indo-Pacific region will be encouraged by the firm Indian stand against China. Curtis also expressed confidence that the results of the pressure exerted by India on China will be visible shortly.   

Since the last few weeks, China is suffering immense losses due to the Indian digital strike. So far, India has banned 106 Chinese apps and has clarified that 370 Chinese products are on the target list. A significant decision regarding this will be taken in March next year. Moreover, India has dismissed investment by Chinese companies in government projects. India is also succeeding in wooing the foreign companies that want to exit from China. Lisa Curtis, deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump, and Senior Director for South and Central Asia on the National Security Council appreciated India, quoting the bold decisions taken by the Indian government.   

Lisa Curtis, while speaking at the meeting of the US study group, Brookings Institution, strongly supported the Indian stand. Curtis clarified that there is no difference in the expansionist stand on the Ladakh border and the Chinese military aggression in another part of the world. Curtis pointed out that in the current situation, India has demonstrated that it has the capability and will power to confront China through its decisions. Curtis said that India had played the economic card to challenge the Chinese aggression and the Indian ban on Chinese apps, and the action for blocking the Chinese investments has delivered a telling blow to China. Curtis claimed that the Indo-Pacific sector is watching the Indian stand against China, and the Indian resolve will encourage other countries.  

The economic card played by India has started increasing pressure on China, and the results will be visible soon. This will affect the relations between the two countries, but Curtis pointed out that following the stand taken by India, the other countries have started realising the Chinese tactics. At the same time, Curtis said that the emergence of India as a rising power and protector in the Indian Ocean region is critical, and the United States supports India in this process. Like Curtis, the US Secretary of State also had supported the Indian decisions against China. 

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