Another student raped in Kerala

Even as the incident involving the rape and murder of a law student in Ernakulam, Kerala is still fresh in the minds of the public, there is news about yet another incident of gang rape of a 19 year old law student from Ayanathi locality, Varkala, Kerala. m In the eanwhile, the police has released the photographs of the suspects. The issue of women’s security in Kerala has become a topic of intense discussions and citizens are expressing a deep sense of anger at these developments.

The victim is a student pursuing the BSc nursing coure in Ayaanthi, Varkala. It appears that the student was raped by an auto driver and his two friends. It is said that the auto driver is known to her and that the rape occurred near the Avaanthi bridge in Varkala.

Kerala Rape Case_PTIWhile the victim was travelling in the rickshaw, the driver took along two of his friends on the way. He then took the rickshaw near the Ayaanthi bridge, where they raped her. After committing their beastly act, the rapists threw the victim near the bridge and absconded. Passersby upon hearing her cries for help stopped by and helped her. The girl student has been admitted to the ICU of the SAT hospital. She is reported to be in a state of shock and has since been getting bouts of fits as well.

Medical tests carried out on her have confirmed the rape. Based on the statement given by the victim, the police has booked three people in this crime. A team of doctors is continuously monitoring her health.

On the day following the incident, people have come out in large numbers to express their anger. This incident has brought back memories of the Nirbhaya incident of Delhi and it is said that the present incident is even more serious than the Nirbhaya case. Initially this incident had gone unnoticed; it is only when the incident was discussed on social media, that it was taken seriously. It is only in the face of the growing public anger that the police took note and the investigation gathered speed. The police have also released the photograph of one of the suspects.

With two incidents of rape coming to light within a gap of two days, women’s rights groups have taken out demonstrations. They have demanded that the guilty should be brought to book at the earliest and that the strictest punishment should be meted out to them. Based on the public reaction, the Ernakulam incident, in which the victim was raped and killed, is being seen as a very grave incident. According to the medical report, the victim was slashed at least thirty times all over her body by a sharp weapon.

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