UAE delivers one more jolt to Pakistan

Islamabad: – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has delivered second strong jolt to Pakistan. UAE, who lost five diplomats in a terror attack in Afghanistan, had indicated that the Pakistani ISI was behind the attack. Now UAE seems to be delivering another jolt to Pakistan by refusing visas to Pakistani citizens. Saudi and UAE are preparing to teach Pakistan a lesson, for leaving their long-standing association and leaning towards Iran and Turkey. The UAE decision is a part of the same process.

Since the last two days, the Imran Khan government is facing criticism in the Pakistan media. Reports are being published that UAE also has started refusing visas to Pakistani citizens, following Saudi. The statement issued by Pakistan foreign ministry, on Wednesday, said that UAE has refused visas to citizens from 11 countries including Pakistan. The Pakistan foreign ministry attempted to save its face by saying that this action is in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. But Pakistani analysts and journalists are expressing grave concerns over the UAE action. 

In 2017, 5 UAE diplomats had been killed in a terror attack at Kandahar in Afghanistan. It was revealed that the Pakistan based terrorist organisation, Haqqani network, was responsible for the attack. It is said that the Haqqani network is an accomplice of the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. Therefore, UAE had indicated that ISI was responsible for the killing of its diplomats.  

At the same time, it is being revealed that UAE has demanded that Pakistan handover some of the Imran Khan supporters, spewing venom against UAE. Pakistani analysts are panicking in view of this UAE stand. Both the Arab countries, UAE and Saudi, have started tightening the noose around Pakistan. These analysts are warning that this could prove dangerous for Pakistan. 

Till recently, Pakistan has averted many crises, with diplomatic and financial support from UAE and Saudi. But after Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, Pakistan changed its foreign policy, in favour of Turkey and Iran. Imran Khan did not take into account the reactions that could emanate from the countries like UAE and Saudi, who have stood with Pakistan, even through crises.  

Experienced journalists and analysts are warning that Pakistan is already facing dire consequences for this and it will only increase further, in the future. 

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