Conditional aid of USD 12 billion for rebuilding Afghanistan announced

Geneva: – An aid of USD 12 billion has been sanctioned on the international level for infrastructure facilities and other projects, in a meeting organised, for rebuilding Afghanistan. But the countries announcing the aid have warned that Afghanistan will have to fulfil certain conditions for availing the assistance.   

Talks are being held between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar. The Afghan government has said that it is optimistic regarding the negotiations. The Afghan government is claiming that the terror attacks in Afghanistan will reduce due to these talks. At such a juncture, leading countries of the world, including India, as well as international organisations, have announced an aid of nearly USD 12 billion for Afghanistan.  It is being revealed that this aid is less compared to the one received in 2016. Against this background, the importance of the support announced in the Geneva meeting increases. The aids announced are USD 600 million by the United States, 510 million by Germany, 230 million by the United Kingdom, 200 million by Canada, 100 million by France and 80 million by India.   

Most of these countries have sanctioned conditional aid for Afghanistan. Some of the countries warned that the funding would be released after assessing the respect of human rights and progress of the government-Taliban peace talks. Whereas, the Afghanistan government has expressed gratitude for the aid declared by India.   

Meanwhile, as the negotiation is being held in Qatar, a twin explosion ripped through the city of Bamiyan, late on Tuesday night, killing 13 people. A thick possibility of IS being responsible for the attack is being predicted.   

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