Alien-religion refugees are threatening Italy’s cultural identity, warns ‘Northern League’

Rome: ‘The citizens of Italy are under attack. The countries culture, society, tradition and the lifestyle are threatened. Even if a particular caste cannot be held responsible, there is a definite threat existing there. If the number of refugees of alien religions in Italy keep increasing in the same fashion then there is a danger of the centuries-old history and culture being destroyed.’ This was the stern warning issued by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the ‘Northern League’ Party.

Italy's-cultural-identityItaly is going to polls on 4th of March and campaigning is gaining momentum very fast. The indications are that like the other European countries, the issue of refugees will be central to the elections in Italy. Salvini’s statements are only confirming these reports. The ‘Northern League’ is known as a nationalist and right-wing party and has always taken an aggressive stand against the refugees.

Salvini has started his campaign with the slogan ‘Italian First’ and seems to be gaining popularity from different parts of Italy. The party has established itself as one of the leading four political parties in the last two years through elections held in various parts of Italy. In view of this, the statements of Salvini gain importance.

‘Italy has a lot of illegal refugees and the they are harassing the locals more and more. I will not let this happen anymore. Some people are bringing refugees by airplanes. I am going to send these refugees back to their countries in the same airplanes’, warned Salvini. It is believed that Italy has more than 6 hundred thousand refugees. Salvini has threatened to send a hundred thousand refugees home every year, if he becomes the prime minister.

In the last few years, there is resentment about the influx of refugees in major countries of Europe and the elections in leading countries like Germany and Austria have shown severe repercussions of the issue.