Al-Qaeda second-in-command, Abu Muhammad al-Masri, killed by Israeli agents

Washington: – An Al-Qaeda leader, who was second in command and had orchestrated bomb blasts in two US embassies, in 1998, was eliminated by Israeli agents. The US newspaper The New York Times has published, citing sources from the intelligence agencies, that this task was completed by Israeli agents under instructions from the United States. It is claimed that this is a major feat achieved by the agents of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. Whereas, Iran has said that there is no truth in the report.   


iran-qaeda-abu-masriAbdullah Ahmed Abdullah aka Abu Muhammad al-Masri was shot dead on a street in Tehran on 7th August. Two people who came on a motorcycle finished this Al-Qaeda leader. The New York Times claimed that the selection of Abu Muhammad al-Masri as the deputy to the supremo Ayman Al-Zawahiri, of the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda, was kept a secret. Al-Qaeda has not announced the death of Abu Muhammad al-Masri, and the Iranian officials too have hidden the killing of Abu Muhammad al-Masri from the world, with the Iranian assertion that there are no Al Qaeda terrorists in the country.   

But the Iranian media had reported that a 58-year-old person was shot dead by two unknown assailants who came on a motorbike. Whereas, the sources in the Afghan military informed a news agency that a terrorist from the most-wanted list of the United States was killed on the Tehran street. The US and Israeli officials have avoided giving any reaction on the report.   

For the last so many years, the US officials are trying to track Masri and other Al-Qaeda terrorists. Masri featured in the most-wanted list of the US secret service, FBI. Masri was the mastermind of the Al-Qaeda attack, in 1998, on the US embassy at Nairobi, in Kenya. This attack had rocked the United States. Thereafter, from 2003, Masri was living in Iran. The New York Times claimed that Masri was living in an elite locality in Tehran since 2015.   

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