Airstrike on Hezbollah base in Iraq, claim Arabic news agencies

Third World WarBaghdad: Airstrikes were carried out on the Hezbollah military bases on the Iraq-Syria border. Two Arabic news agencies have claimed that an unidentified fighter jet carried out this attack on the Al-Qaim military base used by Hezbollah. With this attack on Thursday night, it is once again apparent that the military bases of the Iran-affiliated groups in Iraq and Syria are being targeted.

The Al-Qaim military base near the Iraq-Syria border was attacked. Two Arabic news agencies informed that the fighter jet had launched three attacks on the military base. One of the news agencies claimed that the military base suffered huge damages in the attack. The news agency has also said that there were no human casualties. At the same time, the other news agency claimed that the number of human casualties in the attack was massive.

Airstrike on Hezbollah base in Iraq, claim Arabic news agenciesHezbollah, in Iraq, dismissed the report when a Russian news agency inquired regarding the attack. But the locals said that there were attacks in the Al-Qaim region. Therefore, there is confusion over the situation in Al-Qaim. The Al-Qaim military base has been targeted in the past too.

Information had surfaced that the Iran, Hezbollah and Iran-affiliated groups have set up base on the Al-Qaim military base which is situated near the Iraq border. A warning had been issued that Iran, Hezbollah and Iran-affiliated groups were planning to launch attacks on the United States and Israel, from this base. Following this warning, the Al-Qaim base had come under attack. Syrian media had claimed that the Al-Qaim military base had come under attack, even in December.

The local media had published reports that fighter jets also launched missiles attacks on the military bases in eastern Syria. The Syrian government refused to comment regarding the report. Whereas, the Israel military never responds to any claims made in the media reports. Therefore, the mystery surrounding this attack has deepened.

Israel had declared last year that it would carry out attacks in any corner of the world if Israel finds a threat to Israeli security. There is a thick possibility that the attacks on the military bases of Iran and its affiliated groups in Syria and Iraq can be a part of the same Israeli action plan.

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