Henceforth, ‘AI’ will decide who will survive the wars, informs US military official

Third World War

Washington: Whenever a soldier will get injured in any future war, the responsibility of whether he has to be saved, will be taken based on the decision taken by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and not by the doctor at the military base. The AI will decide if the soldier will survive or die. A senior US military official gave this information while talking to a news agency.

US military official

Jeremy Buller, the chief of the medical unit, ‘Army Institute of Surgical Research’, of the United States, said that AI would play a vital role in military services in the future. The doctors have to take some bold decisions while treating the injured on the battlefield. Buller said that at such times, AI-based decisions could prove to be vital. But, Buller warned, the AI could take some fatal decisions too.

Two soldiers have been injured in a war, and both urgently need blood and treatment. The rights to decide the priority as to who has to be given preference will be based on the decision of the AI. These decisions will be partially correct. But in some instances, the decision could prove fatal for a soldier. Before deciding to initiate treatment on the soldier, AI will check his medical history. At the same time, AI will check the usefulness of the soldier in future campaigns. Therefore, Buller claimed that the life of the soldier would be in the hands of AI.

The United States military is making strong efforts to develop technology and weapon systems based on AI. The organisation’ Defence Advanced Research Project Agency’ leads the initiative.

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