Priority for agriculture and agriculture related sectors

New Delhi: There was a prediction that there will be substantial allocation for agriculture sector in the 2018-19 budget. The prediction has been proved right and the Finance minister Arun Jaitley has made a big fund available for the agriculture sector. Jaitley clarified that there are efforts to increase the income in the hand of the farmers, in the budget.

agriculture, budget, arun jaitleyThere is an allocation of about 11 lakh crores for farm lending in the budget. There is a provision of 2000 crore for development of 22000 markets in every district for speciality agricultural produce. Similarly, there is a provision of 1400 crore for the food processing industry. There is a provision of 10000 crore for providing impetus to animal husbandry and fisheries, the complimentary industries to agriculture.

There is a plan to create 42 food parks in the country. ‘Operation Green’ has been announced to counter the variation in the prices of the perishable agricultural produce like Potato, Tomato and onion and an allocation of 500 crores has been made for this. There is an allocation of 1290 crores for the ‘National Bamboo Mission’ to increase the production of Bamboo.

The central government has set the objective of doubling the farmers income by 2022 and there are necessary provisions in this budget to achieve this, claimed the finance minister.

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