18 die due to terror attacks in Afghanistan

Kabul: On Saturday, 18 civilians died in two terror-attacks in Afghanistan. So far, no terrorist outfit has accepted the responsibility of this attack. But the Taliban is a suspect behind this attack. Only two days ago, Ashraf Ghani had shown an inclination to hold talks with the Taliban.

Afghanistan, terror attacks

On Friday night, the terrorists barged and attacked a Police Checkpoint in Ghor Province, Afghanistan. In this attack, ten policemen have lost their lives, while one is injured. Even though the Taliban has denied responsibility for this attack, the locals still claim that it was them. Furthermore, only a few hours later, in the Khost Province, an unknown gang of gunmen targeted a former Afghan soldier. This attack killed eight people. Besides, a day before this attack, a bomb blast happened outside a place of worship in that region, which killed four people. Taliban protested against this attack. Meanwhile, in the past two weeks, 89 people have died due to Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. Besides, more than 150 people are injured as per the report of the National Security Council.

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