12 Chinese warplanes intrude into Taiwanese airspace; Taiwan deploys missile system in response

Taipei/Beijing – In the last two days, 12 Chinese warplanes have tried to infiltrate the Taiwanese airspace. Taiwan has deployed its missile defence system to counter the Chinese incursions. Recently, Chinese mouthpiece had suggested the Chinese fighter jets conduct patrolling within Taiwan’s airspace. Against this backdrop, the growing air intrusions are noteworthy.


China, Taiwan, International Community, Chinese regime, Chinese incursions, airspaceSince the beginning of September, China has intensified its grey zone warfare against Taiwan. Since 3rd September, Chinese warplanes have infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace more than fifteen times. This has become a daily routine. Taiwan’s defence ministry has confirmed the intrusion of nine planes on Wednesday and three on Thursday.

Wednesday’s intrusion included Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, Shanxi Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, Shanxi Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft and KJ-500 Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft, followed by intrusion by two Shenyang J-16 fighter jets and a Shanxi Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft on Thursday. Taiwan said it had deployed a missile system along with a radio warning to prevent Chinese incursions.

The large-scale infiltration by Chinese aircraft is happening when Taiwanese defence forces are conducting extensive military exercises. A few days ago, a Chinese government spokesman had warned that Chinese fighter jets should now fly directly into the Taiwanese airspace in response to Taiwan’s aggressive policies. So far, China refrained from any actions due to its concern for Taiwan’s citizens. However, now it needs to impose its sovereignty, warned Global Times.

China, Taiwan, International Community, Chinese regime, Chinese incursions, airspaceThe Chinese regime is furious as the international community adopts an aggressive stance backing Taiwan. Therefore, China’s strategy seems to mount pressure on Taiwan by grey zone warfare. In the last decade, China has been using the Grey Zone Warfare and the Naval Militia, including hundreds of armed fishing boats. Its main objective is to persecute and weaken Taiwan’s defence forces.

A report released by the Taiwanese Ministry of Defence a few days ago said that China’s People’s Liberation Army was monitoring all movements of the Taiwanese defence forces.

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