11 companies selected for supplying cloud services to the Government

New Delhi : World over efforts are on to eliminate paper from our day-to-day functioning by adapting to e-commerce. Most countries have more or less progressed on this front, including the Indian Government. Given this scenario, India for the future would need a very capable cloud service facility to handle all its e-based data and information. With this background, the Government of India has selected 11 renowned companies like Microsoft, IBM, TCS and similar ones, for providing cloud amenities for smooth government functioning and services.


The companies that have been selected for providing these services mainly comprise of private sector companies. Though besides these 11 companies, the public sector telecommunication giant BSNL has also been selected.

11 companies selected for supplying cloud services to the Government

This information regarding the government selecting 11 companies to provide cloud services was announced in the Parliament. The selected companies will provide all the necessary services, including the software and other facilities to the Government of India. This was disclosed by Mr. P.P. Chaudhary, the Union Minister of Information & Technology and Justice & Law.

The final list of the selected companies include Microsoft Corporation of India, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India, IBM India, Tata Communication Ltd., BSNL, ESDS Software Solutions, Net Magic IT Services, Sify Technology, Control S Data center, Cyfuture India and Web Work India.

These corporations will be responsible for providing the cloud service to store all government information and transactional operations in the e-form and will also make this material available as and when required. Until now the government was getting the required assistance from the National Informatics Center. NIC is a Government of India undertaking. Thus owing to this fact, all the sensitive and confidential information and documents were being stored in the e-format only on the NIC cloud till date.

The decision to utilize the private sector to provide the government with cloud services is being seen as an important one. In the near future, information about the Indian government will be stored on the government undertaking systems, as well as on private sector servers. The transactions between the stored information will be through these cloud services. It is not yet very clear about how much data will be distributed between the private and public sector. There is also no information currently about which sectors of the Indian government will utilize the cloud services that will be provided by the private companies.

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